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Things that make you go hmmm...

    Wait a minute! Is this another one of those legal lawyer-sanctioned thingees?? Gosh.. I hate those, especially reading one, on the net. But, wait, I guess it's important isn't it? Nah.. I'd rather get sued by the FCC or the government than to read this silly document. After all, I've got better things to do!!

Well, you're absolutely RIGHT! We're not here to bore you or put you to sleep. There are more than enough sites out there that do just that, and with style! Instead, we're here to make your life on the Web as painless and as fun as possible. After all, we, the editors, are also human (as hard to imagine) and we surf the net as much as you do. Therefore, this disclaimer is placed here just to relieve the fears of our attorneys and make theirs as well as your life easier, ok? Well, without further adue...

DISCLAIMER: blah blah blah

There!! That wasn't bad, was it? Whew! Glad to have that gotten out of the way, now, you can go play!!

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